illuminaughty2 is out!

2017-05-18 21:58:11 by punkfruit

the game ive been working on for the past several months is finally out! you can  download & play it over on gamejolt!

id like to thank etK, bludphart and missymeow for their contributions!!

illuminaughty2 delay

2017-02-12 13:51:56 by punkfruit

bad news, for some reason everything decided to just break on me. the game, up to the point i have it is utterly useless, meaning it will be pushed back atleast a few weeks. sorry to everyone!


after some digging,  I think the problem might be something to do with ram/too many things trying to be loaded, meaning I'll need to figure out a way to cut down on objects in the system, and I don't know how to do that. I'll keep you posted.


2016-09-22 22:43:16 by punkfruit

 Hello, and welcome! after the average-whelming success of the first game, the staff board (me) decided it would be a good idea to make a second one! ive been creating some assets over the past couple weeks, and have recruited a writer, character artist and a composer! (that means this is serious buisness, or something) iv'e also decided to release the whole asset folder of the first game for no reason! -- --   at this pace, im hoping for a release of Valentines day 2017! (one year after ghostbusters said the world would end!)